Plays by John Fisher

Lavender Scare
Drama. One Act. 2M

Action Hero
Comedy. Full Lengh. 3M

Satirical drama. Full Length. 2W, 4M

Comedy, Ful Length. 5M, 1W

Shakespeare Goes to War

Comedy. Full Length. 5M

The Battle of Midway! Live! Onstage!

Comedy. Full Length. 6W, 4M

To Sleep and Dream

Drama. Full Length. 1W, 3M

Slugs and Kicks

Comedy. Full Length. 2W, 4M

Fighting Mac!

Comedy-Drama. Full Length. 1W, 7M

SexRev: The Jose Sarria Experience

Comedy. Full Length. 6 M

John Fisher in Shakespeare Goes to War

A Necessary Evil
Comedy-Drama. Full Length. 1W, 3M

Ishi: The Last of the Yahi
Historical-Drama. Fill Length. 9M, 3W

Special Forces
Adventure-Comedy. Full Length. 5M, 1W

Comedy-Drama. One Act. 2M

Queer Theory
Dark Comedy. Full Length. 2W, 6M

Comedy. Full Length. 8 M, 3W

Barebacking: The Sex Panic Comedy
Comedy. Full Length. 7 M, 2 W

Comedy. Full Length. 18 M, 13W (College Aged)

Musical-Comedy. Full Length. 15+M, 15+W

Historical Drama. Full Length. 8M, 4W (or larger)

Medea: The Musical
Musical-Comedy. Full Length. 9M, 4W

Romantic Comedy. Full Length. 3W, 6M

New Plays

These works have not yet been produced. Contact John for information on producing them!

A Refuge from Life
A Comedy-Drama in Two Acts

Sarman is the last of his breed, a man who loves and lives way beyond his means. He tries to hang on to the high life just a little bit longer.

Time: 2009
Setting: A gorgeous, if slightly tawdry, apartment in the downtown New York.

4 M, 1 W


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Hackett Straight
A Play

During World War II a young man comes of age in the waters off a small island in the South Pacific. A play based loosely on life of John F. Kennedy and his adventures on PT-109.

Time: 1942-1944
Setting: Martha’s Vineyard, the Great Lakes and the South Pacific

7 M, 1 W


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(My Callas Play)
A Drama in Two Acts

The lives of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis become intertwined at the time of the Kennedy assassinations.

Time: The late-sixties.
Setting: Two locations – Act One: A luxurious apartment in Turin; Act Two: The Stage of a theatre in Amsterdam

4 M, 3W


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A Full Length Play on One-Act

A boy weathers the trials of growing up by losing himself in historical re-enactment. This historical events in this play were taken form the life of Mush Morton and the  US submarine Wahoo.

Time: Suburban America – Could be anytime from the 1970s to present.

Setting: A suburban household – visible at one time are a bedroom, a living room and an outdoor play area.

3 M, 1 W


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A Drama in Two Acts

Two men become prisoners of African pirates and attempt to escape.

Setting: The High Seas; The Coast of a Country in East Africa – a set that can represent all the locations at once.
Time: Now

6 M. 1 W


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Sandy and Matty
A Comedy

Two artists at completely different levels of fame become entwined in a battle of wills. This play was inspired by the life of Any Warhol.

Time: The 1970s
Setting: A Tenderloin Apartment in San Francisco

5 M


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All Men
A Full Length Drama performed in One Act

A Catholic priest with a husband tries to hang onto his job in a time of changing values and brutal exposures.

Time: Now

5 M, 1 W


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In the Philippines
A Drama in Two Acts

An historical fantasia in which a famous general and a gay man on his staff become embroiled in the persecution of a defeated enemy general. This play is based on the war crimes trial of General Yamashita by Douglas MacArthur.

Time: 1945-1995
Setting: Washington D.C., The Philippines, New York City

8 M, 1 W


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A Comedy in Two Acts

Baldwin and Kipling are on the verge of success, if they can only get Baldwin’s epic play produced with zero money and a wayward creative team.

Time: The Present
Setting: A tiny courtyard apartment in Palms, a neighborhood in Los Angeles

4 M, 1 W


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A Donnybrook
A Comedy-Drama in Two Acts

Two families spend the weekend in a beautiful house on a lake. Will it be their last?

Time: 1974
Setting: A large country house in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California side.

2 M, 2 W, 2 CHILDREN – Male and Female, both 11 years old


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 Real Time Love
A Drama

Based on two actual events, this play is a fictional account of love gone wrong and the pitfalls of conceptual art.

Time: The Present
Setting: Various locations in New York City and New Haven, CT.

3 W, 2 M


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A Comedy-Drama

Set in a private school, this play tells the story of five teenage boys and their teacher.

Time: The Present
Setting: A classroom.

1 M (Middle Aged), 5 M (Teenagers)


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Good Game
A Drama

Screenwriters Bill and Mark try to make it in Hollywood, by playing basketball.

Time: The Present
Setting: A basketball court; various other locations.

4 M, 2W


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