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Special Forces


An action-adventure about a mission behind enemy lines during the current Gulf War.

5M, 1W


2007 San Francisco Production:

"Witty, thought-provoking and inventive... Engrossing and entertaining!" [The Little Man is Clapping!] (Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle)

"Low-key hilarity, understated and allusive wit, unexpected grace, and distant but bitter sadness in this canny exploration of war through the prism of gender." (Robert Avila, Bay Guardian)

"Fisher's plays bristle with wit, intelligence, and a wonderfully developed theatrical instinct." (Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle)

"Fisher has talent to burn... Not unlike Tony Kushner, this playwright can set his figures to talking like exclamation-pointed position papers that are both clear and funny." (Dennis Harvey, Variety)

"A sobering tale of modern combat in which romantic notions of war are trammeled... Special Forces is designed to be lean and mean, much as the current Iraq war was conceived to be. But unlike the war, the play actually succeeds in its terseness." (Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter)

Script available from:
56 E 81ST St.
NY, NY 10028-0202