Resume of John Fisher

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Play Writing

A Necessary Evil

A drama about the devastating effects on one American family of the recent elections.

A comedy-drama about the cantankerous friendship of classical-composer Arnold Schönberg and Hollywood funny man Oscar Levant.

Ishi: the Last of the Yahi

A drama about "the last wild Indian" and the extermination of California's Indians.

There's Something About Marriage

Sketch-comedy revue of queer life in the new millenium.

Special Forces

An action-adventure about a mission behind enemy lines during the current Gulf War.

Richard Burton's Voice

A comedy about a young man's obsession with Richard Burton and the movie "Where Eagles Dare."

A comedy-drama about the cantankerous friendship of classical-composer Arnold Schönberg and Hollywood funny man Oscar Levant.

A comedy with songs about academics on the Berkeley campus falling in and out of love.
Directed by Ben Rimalower

Medea: The Musical
The backstage shenanigans of an aggressively gay theatre company putting on a camp rendition of Euripides’ play, and the feminist actress who undermines the production on opening night. Published in ZYZZYVA (Vol. XII, No. 1: Spring, 1996)

Flaming Iguanas
(With Duca Knezevic)
Adapted from the road novel by Erika Lopez.

Queer Theory

Queer Theorists battle it out with Transgenders in the lecture halls and bedrooms of Berkeley, Harvard and Oxford.

During the Battle of the Bulge, a homosexual man forgets he’s gay and falls in love with the woman who nurses him back from shell shock.

A Christmas Carol - A musical adaptation
(With James Dudek)
The evil chancellor of an all women’s college finds love and enlightenment later in life.

Boadicea: Warrior Queen of the Britons
(With James Dudek)
A television actress returns to the stage in a musical version of the life of Boadicea only to find her career ruined by her spurned lesbian co-star.

A drama about the lives of Jewish partisans fighting back against the Nazis in World War II Poland.

An Outdoor Extravaganza based on Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

A drama about gays in the US Marine Corps during World War II who survive the invasions of Tarawa and Iwo Jima and then are persecuted by their own government in the military witch hunts.

UC: A Farce
A college administration is collapsed by its own double standards.
Performed in repertory with Medea: The Musical

Summer Camp
A musical comedy exploration of a political aesthetic.

Joy of Gay Sex
(See Joy above)


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Artistic Director  Theatre Rhinoceros 2002–Present


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Acting/Classical Acting              American Conservatory Theatre                  2008-Present 
Play Writing/Queer Theatre  Yale School of Drama 2006-2008
Advanced Director’s Studio UC Santa Cruz    2005
Play Writing   UC Berkeley, English Department 2002–2004
Play Writing UC Extension 2001-2004
Acting  UC Berkeley, Dramatic Arts Department 1992–2000

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Ph.D in Dramatic Arts   UC Berkeley 2001
BA in History/Dramatic Arts UC Berkeley  1987

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Representative Directing Experience

American Conservatory Theatre, M.F.A .Program

Word for Word/Z-Space

Theatre Rhinoceros

Golden Gate Opera, San Francisco

Eureka Theatre, San Francisco

Various Theatres (see playwriting experience)
Written & Directed by John Fisher

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Representative Acting Experience

Schoenberg (Schoenberg)                               Bleecker Street Theatre, New York

The Philanderer (Leonard Charteris)               Theatre Rhinoceros       
Not About Nightingales (Warden)                   Theatre Rhinoceros
Single Spies (Sir Anthony Blunt)                      Theatre Rhinoceros
A Few Gay Men (John)                                     Venue Nine
God’s Country (Parmenter)                              Bay Front Theatre
Equus (Dysart)                                                 UC Berkeley, Dramatic Arts Department
Abingdon Square (Juster)                                UC Berkeley, Dramatic Arts Department
Measure for Measure (Pompey)                      UC Berkeley, Dramatic Arts Department

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Awards and Fellowships